Riders are required to nominate by completing the following online form unless otherwise stipulated in the Supplementary Regulations (example, Australian Championship nominations must be submitted to Motorcycling Australia) .

Riders are also required to use this online form to withdraw from a meeting prior to the closing date for nominations. To withdraw after nominations have closed please contact Speedway Manager, Dave Parker on 0403 364 658.

All nominations received for the next scheduled meeting are listed on this page from the day after the previous meeting and updated as each new nomination is received. If your name does not appear on this page for the next meeting please contact Dave Parker on as it means your nomination has not been received.

All meetings are held in accordance with the current Motorcycling Australia General Competition Rules (GCR’s), and by entering a meeting riders agree to comply with these Rules and any Supplementary Regulations, by-laws and instructions.

All riders must use Mylaps X2 RED transponders at Gillman Speedway. Riders who do not have their own transponder will need to hire one on the day ($25). Please call David Parker (0403 364 658) for further details.

Gillman Speedway Online Nomination Form

Gillman Speedway reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination.

Nominations close at 5pm on the Sunday prior to the race meeting unless otherwise stated in the Supp Regs below.

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All riders and passengers will be required to pay a Motorcycling SA Rider Levy of $25. This will be collected at the admission gate and will be your admission fee.

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Advertised and Programmed Riders

Gillman Speedway accepts a rider’s nomination in good faith that the rider intends riding. No rider is advertised and/or programmed unless that rider has agreed to ride and has not subsequently withdrawn from the meeting prior to any advertisement or programme being printed. The promoter will always attempt to advise the public of any late changes to the rider line-up, but cannot be responsible for riders withdrawing after they have been advertised and/or programmed.

Winter 500cc Solo Teams Matches – Saturday, 4 August 2018 – Gates open 11am, racing starts 1pm:

Nominations received (11) from: Steve Graetz (SA), Matthew Pickering (NSW), Brayden McGuinness (SA), Dakota Ballantyne (SA), Dayle Wood (NSW), Aaron Jackson (Qld), Jake Turner (NZ), Mitchell Cluff (NSW), Kane Lawrence (NSW), Declan Knowles (Vic) Aden Clare (NSW)

Practice for all other classes

UPDATED 20 July 3.00 pm

See the Calendar tab for the 2018/19 summer dates


Flat Track – Sunday, 29 July 2018 – Gates open 9am, racing starts 12pm:

Nominations received from: 

Solo Pro 450 (6) : 127 Jesse Headland, 15 Chris Pascoe, 191 Jesse Irwin, 511 Mitchell Spear, 43 Darcy Risstrom (Vic), 851 Ty Lynch

Solo Pro 250 (3) : 20 Brad Lawler, 851 Ty Lynch, 38 James Hayden

Solo Pre 1985 Open (2) : 36 Paul Neighbour, 50 John White

Veterans Solo Open 40 years+ (2) : 36 Paul Neighbour, 50 John White

Junior Solo 14 – U16 150cc 2 stroke/250cc 4 stroke (3) : 6 Justin Southgate (Vic), 14 Liam May, 16 Sam Osmond

Junior Solo 10 – U13 85cc 2 stroke/150cc 4 stroke (3) : 41 Jackson Milner (Vic) , 5 Kyle Machin, 470 Damon Burke (Vic), 295 Luicius Payne

Junior Solo 7 – U9 65cc 2 stroke/110cc 4 stroke (2) : 596 Connor Machin, 524 Harry Sadler

50cc demonstration ages 4 – 9 (2) : 137 Gidgit Neighbour, 1 Esther Payne, 2 Artie Payne

UPDATED 20 July 3.00 pm

Australian and South Australian Championship Nominations

For Australian and South Australian Championships, riders must nominate according to the Motorcycling Australia Supplementary Regulations. Links to these appear below, and will posted as soon as they become available.


2018/19 South Australian 500cc Solo Championship & SA Under 16 250cc Solo Championship, dates to be advised.

  • — Supp. Regs

2018/19 Australian 500cc Solo Championship, venues/dates to be advised.

  • — Supp. Regs

2018/19 South Australian Sidecar Championship, date to be advised.

  • — Supp. Regs

2018/19 Australian Under 21 500cc Solo Championship, venue/date to be advised.

  • —Supp. Regs

2018/19 Australian Under 16 250cc Solo Championship, venue/date to be advised.

  • — Supp. Regs

2018/19 Australian Under 16 125cc Solo Championship, venue/date to be advised.

  • — Supp. Regs

2017/18 Australian Sidecar Championship, at Tamworth NSW 13-14 April 2018 — nominations close 4.45pm AEDT Thursday, 15 March 2018

  • — Supp. Regs

Other Meetings

  • Gillman Classic Championships Meeting, Saturday, 3 November 2018
    • — Supp. Regs
  • Gillman Flat Track Meetings, Sunday, 29 July 2018 and Sunday, 23 September 2018
  • 2019 FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship, venue and date to be advised
    • — Entry Form, Supp. Regs
  • FIM Speedway Sidecar 1000cc World Cup, venue and date to be advised
    • — Entry Form, Supp. Regs