SOLO: Justin Sedgmen (Vic) — 54.06 seconds, set 3 January 2017.

SIDECAR: Trent Headland / Darryl Whetstone – 56.36 seconds, set 16 April 2017.

Fastest times recorded by the MYLAPS electronic timing since 4 November 2017:

  • Solo 4 laps Brady Kurtz 54.415sec (3 January 2019)
  • Solo 1 lap Brady Kurtz 12.999sec (3 January 2019)
  • Sidecar 4 lap Darrin Treloar/Jesse Headland 56.781sec (31 March 2018)
  • Sidecar 1 lap Darrin Treloar/Jesse Headland 13.471sec (31 March 2018)

Track Details

Purpose built Motorcycle Speedway

Motorcycling South Australia Track Licence Number: MSA 16-201

Length: 300 metres; 13 metres wide on the straights, 15 metres on corners with slight camber.

Surface: Dolomite, crushed granite, clay mix

Safety fence: constructed of 1.2 metre high rubber belting, suspended on high tensile wire strands.The latest and safest Speedway fence, the Airfence Speedway Safety System, installed in front of the existing fence on the corners in November 2011.

Lighting: 24 x 2000 watt metal halide on eight 15 metre poles.

Referee’s box has F.I.M. type Control panel

Bore water used for track watering

Junior Track Details

Gillman also has a purpose built Junior Motorcycle Speedway on the infield of the main track.

Length: 111 metres, one metre from the pole line.

Surface: Dolomite, crushed granite, clay mix.

Saftey fence: No safety fence.

Races generally held when the main track is being graded and watered.