Oceania Sidecar Championship rained off

The FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship was rained off after nine heats at Gillman Speedway tonight.

The meeting will now be restaged on Sunday afternoon, 7 April. Gates will open at 1pm and racing will start at 3pm.

Results of the heats held before the rain-off were:

Ht 1     Buchanan (R, M. Headland (B), J. Moohan (Y), Gates (W, exc, lapped), 61.699

Ht 2     Monson (B), D. Moohan (Y), Hudson (W), Jones (R-exc, barging), 61.232

Ht 3     Rudloff (Y), Cohen (R), Stephens (W-replaced Niesche who did not ride), Hartwig (B), 62.444

Ht 4     Plaisted (B), Treloar (W), Mitchell (Y), Moon (R), 61.111

Ht 5     Mitchell (R), Buchanan (B), Stephens (Y), Jones (W), 60.638

Ht 6     Plaisted (R), M. Headland (W), Cohen (B), Hudson (Y-ret), 61.237

Ht 7     Monson (W), Moon (B), Gates (Y), Hartwig (R), 60.405

Ht 8     Treloar (Y), J. Moohan (R), Rudloff (W), Fleet (B-repl D. Moohan who withdrew), 60.145

Ht 9     Treloar (B), Buchanan (W), Hudson (R), Hartwig (Y), 61.833

Heat nine run in steady rain. Track grade after the rain, but ran again before the racing could restart. Another track grade, then meeting abandoned. Restaging to be a complete restart, starting with heat one.