Interest mounts for Nankang Tyres Sidecar Super Series

The Nankang Tyres Sidecar Super Series, to take place at Gillman Speedway next season, has captured the imagination of riders and spectators alike, and has now added another major sponsor in Mitch Australia Speedway Sidecar Frames.

Already boasting over $35,000 in prize money in total, as well as a $5,000 bonus the overall winner of the series will now also receive a Mitch frame and fork set thanks to manufacturer Bernie Koppe.

The Townsville based former Sidecar star, who finished second in 1994 Australian Sidecar Championship, revealed he had initial talks about the series with Gillman Speedway manager David Parker when he was in Adelaide for the Australian Sidecar Championship in April, and said “I am excited to be able to give back to the sport and what better way to do it than by sponsoring this unique event”.

“The Series is just getting better by the day” said Parker. “First we received a massive cash injection from Nankang Tyres, then the top eight riders in Australia said they are super keen to run in this event, and now Mitch Australia boss Bernie Koppe has agreed to building a frame and fork kit for the overall winner of the Series. This surely will make this the richest event in the world of Speedway Sidecars.”

A Mitch Australia Speedway Sidecar frame and fork set will be part of the rewards for the overall winner of the Nankang Tyres Sidecar Super Series.