Blackchrome 2016 FIM Speedway Sidecar World Cup Announced

Gillman Speedway Stadium is pleased to confirm that on March 26 they will host the Blackchrome 2016 FIM Speedway Sidecar World Cup subject to FIM Bureau approval in November as a part of the FIM official protocol.

“This has been a huge effort by a lot of people” said Speedway Manager Dave Parker, “ Ivan Golding (MA Commission Chairman), Dale Gilson (MA CEO), Jim Tuckerman (Oceania President to the FIM), Armando Castagna (FIM CCP Chairman), Leigh Adams and Mark Lemon have all done their part making this World Cup meeting a reality”. “After a few testing events over the years at other venues that did not put Speedway Sidecars in great stead with the FIM, I am thrilled and honoured that the FIM allow the SRA (Gillman Speedway) to bring back a true WORLD status for Speedway Sidecars”.

“No doubt the Sidecar Grand Slam events and the Oceania Sidecar events had a huge influence in the FIM making a decision on this event, the riders, passengers, supporters, sponsors and venues, all have had a part in securing this meeting, probably more than most people would even think, for that, we are for ever grateful”.

The meeting is scheduled to coincide with the 2016 Oceania Championship at Gillman on March 27, thus giving a true International double header weekend with the World Cup on March 26 and Oceania Championship on March 27, both over the Easter break.

Blackchrome Managing Director Mark Bassett stated, “It is a real shame that the Sidecar Grand Slam Series was not continued for this season, but Dave and his band of workers have really lifted the bar with getting an FIM event to Gillman and my company, Blackchrome are thrilled to stand by Gillman Speedway as naming right sponsor for this event”.

Riders from the USA, UK, NZ and off course Australia will be all competing at this double header weekend and the World Cup is The meeting to win, being the best riders in the World will be competing from the four Countries. It is also a huge few weeks, with Mildura Speedway having the Oceania Championship at Mildura, the Saturday prior and Australian Sidecar Championship, just two weeks after the Gillman meetings.