Further infrastructure additions at Gillman Speedway

The amenities continue to improve at the Gillman Speedway Stadium with some new additions this week.

With the generous help of K Trans and Adelaide Cranes and Equipment, three new buildings have arrived at the venue.

There is a new office in the pit area, a toilet for the VIP area and another toilet situated behind the bar and canteen.

“It is really amazing how things just fall into place sometimes”, said Speedway Manager Dave Parker, “I was talking to Wayne from K Trans about portable buildings and toilets as I know K Trans do a lot of moving with these type of things all over Australia and he said, here, this is the guy to ring and next minute we had a deal we couldn’t refuse.

“The new amenities were much needed and they were all delivered on the back of one of K Trans semis and with the help from one of our new sponsors, Adelaide Crane and Equipment, they were put into place with some tricky moves over fences, up hills and over buildings. These guys really know their stuff.

“With some quick work over the next couple of weeks, we hope to have the pit office operational as well as the VIP toilet. The toilet behind the bar is a big project and getting that operational will be done in the off season as there will need to be a fair amount of earthworks done.

“Thanks again to all that have made these much needed amenities possible.”