Darrin Treloar Wins Australian Championship Number Seven

Australia’s most successful Speedway Sidecar rider, Darrin Treloar, added another championship to his resume when he won his seventh Australian Sidecar Championship at the Gillman Speedway Stadium on Sunday night.

After a fabulous meeting which had all the usual twists and turns, at the end of the night the four pre-meeting favourites, and the four best riders on the night, reached the K Trans sponsored final, and probably finished in the order many would have predicted with Treloar and his Mildura-based passenger, Simon Cohrs leading all the way to win from Mick Headland/Paul Waters, Mark Plaisted/Sam Gilbert and Wes Jenkins/Damian Egan.

Ironically for such a good meeting the final was probably the tamest race of the night, with very little passing, in direct contrast to the previous 21 races, most of which featured continual passing and re-passing.

For all the excitement dished up during the heats, however, the final score chart threw up very few surprises.

Treloar was the top point scorer with 13 points from four heat wins and then a third place behind Wes Jenkins and Dylan Blain in heat 17. Mark Plaisted also scored 13 points but lost out on first choice of gate positions in the final to Treloar by a countback of heat wins. Plaisted’s 13 points came from three wins and seconds to Mick Headland and Treloar.

Mick Headland was the next highest scorer with 12 points from four wins and an exclusion. Headland’s exclusion came in heat seven. After some jostling for positions through the first two turns, Headland slowed looking for a restart. When the restart did not come, he stayed on the track and caused the race to be stopped which meant an obvious exclusion for causing the race stoppage. Although he would have initially been in last place, had he just continued to race, chances are he would have finished second or third which would have given him first or second choice of gate in the final.

Wes Jenkins was the fourth highest scorer with 10 points and he also could have finished on 13 points as he was excluded from a win in his second ride. Jenkins was considered a serious threat for the title but had a disastrous start. He was in yellow in his first ride against Headland and Plaisted and got taken wide and filled in through the first two turns. He was able to salvage 1 point from third place and looked to be back on track with a scorching win in heat 8, but the referee deemed his passing move on Warren Monson, in which he took Monson right out to the fence in turn four, forcing Monson to throttle off to avoid crashing, was too aggressive and excluded him. With just 1 point from his first two rides he was in serious trouble but he rebounded to win his remaining three rides and the last chance semi-final.

Placegetters behind Jenkins in the semi-final were Monson/Matt Morgan, Trent Headland/Jesse Headland and Byren Gates/Michael O’Loughlin.

Monson had some good rides without looking like a serious threat. His best rides came at the end of the night with a very good ride in heat 20 when he chased down and passed Hayden Bond and Mark Drew, and a good second place in the semi-final. Gates looked fast all night but like Monson he looked very good but not a threat to the top four. The Headland brothers probably went home with mixed feelings. A place in an Australian Championship semi-final, and overall sixth in the championship is a good result in anyone’s book, but they’d be thinking they could have done even better as they struggled with bike problems all night. It shows how well they have gone this season that they could still reach the semi-final despite a retirement in one ride and a faltering bike in some others.

Just missing the semi-final on a countback to Trent Headland, was Mark Drew/Steven Blair and Drew would be kicking himself for a few lost points which ultimately cost him dearly. On a night when good races followed one after the other all night, Drew’s were amongst the best, starting with his first when he had everyone sitting up and paying attention when he passed Treloar to take the lead. Treloar eventually repassed him to take the win but it was a bright start. His next start saw one of the toughest first three laps of the night between himself and Plaisted. In heat 13 he passed Mick Headland and led until lap three; and in the last heat of the night, needing only two points to qualify for the semi-final he led from the start and looked to be a certain winner only for Monson and Hayden Bond to run him down on the last lap.

Hayden Bond/Brady Cox were next on the scorecard with 7 points and these two 17-year-olds look to be real stars of the future. There is no need to worry about the future of the section when some of the current big names start to retire because the thought of teenagers Bond, Dylan Blain and Arron Hartwig, to name just three, going head to head for the next decade at least is an exciting thought.

Following Bond on the scorecard were Brodie Cohen/Josh Sinnott on 6, Jason Hardy/Geoff Langdon, Blain/Robert Gottardi and Grant Bond/Glen Cox on 5, Neale Hancock/Lachlan Greenhalgh on 3, and Rick Stephens/Dale Knights and Jason Bradshaw/Steve Behsmann on 2.

All were more than competitive, but Hardy and Grant Bond both looked like semi-finalists in the early stages but things went awry for both. Hardy continued the good form he has shown all season, as probably the most improved rider in Australia, when he bolted away in the opening heat and held off a fast finishing Monson to win by half-a-bike length but his bike sounded rough for the rest of the night and he wasn’t able to hold on to some handy positions he was in in other heats. Bond looked very good in heat three as he led onto the second lap but then he unexpectedly got out of shape and lost passenger Cox. That exclusion was followed by another, under the two minute rule, in his next ride when the bike broke down as he came out the pit gate.

They both, however, fared better than former Australian Champion Russell Mitchell. The Perth star was down to ride at number two but the fuel injection on his bike packed up and he never even got out for the parade laps.

In the junior support events Jack Gilbert/Alanah Cornwell won the Territory Marine Glenn & Nathan O’Brien Junior Sidecar Cup after some exciting heat races which saw Jackson Bond/Liam Cox top score with the maximum possible 12 points. In the final they were three wide down the back straight but after some pushing and shoving by all three, Jackson Barbary/Josh Malic were excluded, and in the rerun Bond ran infield and was excluded leaving Gilbert/Cornwell to cruise to an easy win.

The full heat results for the K Trans 2013 Australian Championship and the Territory Marine Glenn & Nathan O’Brien Junior Sidecar Cup can be found on the Gillman Speedway website under the results tab.

Action from just one of the many thrilling races in the K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship. Here Mark Drew/Stephen Blair power under Darrin Treloar/Simon Cohrs to take the lead in heat four. Treloar came back to win the race. Photo by Judy Mackay.

The victors. Championship number seven for Darrin Treloar, and number two for Simon Cohrs. Photo by Judy Mackay.

And the other placegetters. Mick Headland/Paul Waters (blue), Mark Plaisted/Sam Gilbert (yellow) and Wes Jenkins/Damian Egan (white) in the battle for second place in front of part of the big crowd which witnessed the K Trans Australian Championship. Photo by Judy Mackay.


Weather OK For Gillman Speedway Tonight

The western suburbs of Adelaide experienced some brief, spasmodic, light rain showers this morning but the weather forecast is all good for tonight.

The weather bureau says “isolated showers clearing mid-afternoon. Winds southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h becoming light in the evening” and that’s backed up by the satellite imagery which does not show any rain tonight.

Racing starts at 7.30pm and should finish around 10pm. Last night’s qualifying meeting finished at 9.35pm but tonight has an additional two races with the championship deciding semi-final and final, plus a major fireworks display before the final.

The full line-up for the Championship tonight is:
Draw Nr Championship
1 122 Dylan Blain / Robert Gottardi
2 97 Russell Mitchell / Don Morris (Q 3)
3 63 Jason Hardy / Geoff Langdon (Q 5)
4 43 Warren Monson / Matt Morgan
5 007 Hayden Bond / Brady Cox (Q 8)
6 75 Mark Plaisted / Sam Gilbert
7 107 Mick Headland / Paul Waters
8 13 Wes Jenkins / Damian Egan (Q 1)
9 27 Grant Bond / Glenn Cox
10 64 Brodie Cohen / Josh Sinnott
11 51 Jason Bradshaw / Steve Behsmann
12 50 Byren Gates / Michael O’Loughlin (Q 4)
13 13 Trent Headland / Jesse Headland (Q 7)
14 70 Mark Drew / Steven Blair (Q 2)
15 84 Darrin Treloar / Simon Cohrs
16 69 Rick Stephens / Dale Knights (Q 6)

17 68 Neale Hancock / Lachlan Greenhalgh (Q 9)
18 71 Shane Hudson / Lionel Cornwell (Q 12)

Eight Qualfiers For The Australian Sidecar Championship Decided

The final eight riders to contest the K Trans 2013 Australian Sidecar Championship were determined in a Qualifying Meeting at Gillman Speedway tonight (30 March).

While there were the inevitable surprises, by-and-large most of the expected riders qualified.

The meeting was won quite easily by the Cairns flyer Wes Jenkins and his teenage Adelaide passenger Damian Egan. Jenkins finished with a 15 point maximum score from his five rides and will be tough to beat tomorrow night (31 March), as will tonight’s runner-up, Mark Drew.

Drew and passenger Steven Blair were only beaten by Jenkins and finished with 14 points.

Third place went to the other Western Australian in the meeting, Russell Mitchell (passenger Don Morris) with 11 points.

Fourth qualifier was Mildura’s Byren Gates/Michael O’Loughlin with 10 points. They were looking borderline with only 5 points from their first three rides, but then finished with two very impressive wins against several riders who were also in contention for a berth in the championship meeting.

Fifth was the first of the local riders, Jason Hardy – Geoff Langdon, also with 10 points.

Sixth was Rick Stephens/Dale Knights with 9 points, and seventh was Trent Headland/Jesse Headland on 8.

The eighth and final place went to 17-year-old NSW duo Hayden Bond/Brady Cox on countback from Dad’s Army rider Neale Hancock (passenger Lachlan Greenhalgh) after both finished on 7 points.

The other non-qualifiers were:
Damien Niesche/Mitchell Spear 5, Clint Mayes/Andrew Summerhayes 4, Shane Hudson/Lionel Cornwell 4, Malcolm German/Steven Stagg 3, Chris Dess/Kyle Laverty 2, James Hinton/Jack Summerling 1, Mark Mitchell/Tom Golding 0, Arron Hartwig/Teagan Hartwig (reserve) 8, Tim Bichard/Adam Pfitzner (reserve) 1, Aaron Sily/Matthew Barkla (reserve) 0.

Niesche started well with a close second to Mark Drew in heat 2, but his bike was smoking badly at the start of his next ride and after finishing third his bike was out for the night. He took his final two rides on Brodie Cohen’s bike but could only manage another two points.

German also started well with a win in heat one, but like Niesche, his bike was smoking badly in his next ride and he was out for the rest of the night.

The biggest surprise of the night was the failure of 2009 champions Mark Mitchell-Tom Golding, who were hit by mechanical problems and failed to score a point.

The opposite was the case for teenage reserves Arron and Teagan Hartwig. They scored 8 points from just three rides but as they only came into the meeting in the third round they were not eligible to qualify despite scoring enough points to do so.

New South Wales qualifiers Rick Stephens/Dale Knights (white) and Hayden Bond/Brady Cox (yellow). Photo by Judy Mackay.

Can Treloar Win Championship Number 7 On Sunday Night?

The question on a lot of people’s lips regarding this Sunday night’s meeting at Gillman Speedway is “can Darrin Treloar win his 7th Australian Sidecar Championship?”

“Of course he can” says Gillman Speedway manager David Parker, “but there will be fifteen other riders out there trying their hardest to make sure that does not happen.”

Treloar already holds the record for the most number of wins with six, one more than the retired Dennis Nash and Glenn O’Brien, and four more than the next best rider still riding, Mark Drew. And he’s been in good form this season with wins in the New South Wales and Queensland Championships, and a new track record at Gillman.

But for regular Adelaide spectators, another question they are asking is “can a South Australian rider win the championship?”

Gillman has been far-and-away the leading track for Sidecar racing in recent years but that hasn’t translated into national championship wins. It is actually an incredible 40 years since a South Australia rider last won at home – Neil Munro at Rowley Park in 1973 – and just as incredible only two riders have won away from home in that time, 22-year-old Riverland rider Ken I’Anson who scored an upset win over Dennis Nash at Claremont in 1977, and Mark Mitchell with an equally unexpected win over Darrin Treloar at Mildura in 2009.

Interesting though, the only other two South Australians (in addition to Mitchell) to stand on the podium in the last five years are the two seeded riders for Sunday night, Mick Headland (second in 2008) and Mark Plaisted (third in 2011).

And both have also been the only double winners of major events at Gillman this season – Headland winning the Blackchrome Spectacular and the Masters, and Plaisted winning the SA Championship and a Grand Slam round. The other major event winners were Jason Hardy (Gillman Championship) and Darrin Treloar (the other Grand Slam round).

To compete in an Australian Speedway Sidecar Championship all riders and passengers must first submit a nomination form to Motorcycling Australia, the controlling body of motorcycle sport in Australia. Once the nominations have been received the Speedway Commissioners of Motorcycling Australia then determine if a Qualification meeting will be held, and if so, how many, and who, will be seeded to the Championship meeting.

This year eight riders have been seeded to the Championship meeting and they were effectively the first and second placed home state riders in the Queensland, New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian Championships.

The seeded riders originally were Darrin Treloar/Simon Cohrs and Grant Bond/Glenn Cox (NSW), Warren Monson/Matt Morgan and Jason Bradshaw/Steve Behsmann (Vic), Scott Christopher/Tyler Moon and Brodie Cohen/Josh Sinnott (Qld) and Mick Headland/Paul Waters and Mark Plaisted/Sam Gilbert (SA), but Christopher withdrew last week (because of bike problems) and was replaced by Dylan Blain/Robert Gottardi.

The two NSW riders, Treloar and Bond have a massive 39 Australian Championship appearances between them and while, unlike Treloar, Bond hasn’t won the championship he has an impressive record with 18 appearances and 9 top six finishes. Remarkably his best finish was his most recent when he finished second to Treloar in the 2012 championship. The next day they paired together to win the Australian Teams Championship.

Warren Monson has been another successful rider this season and leads the Ikon Suspension Grand Slam Series points with one round remaining. The other three seeded riders, Brodie Cohen, Dylan Blain and Jason Bradshaw might have the same problem as some of the riders in Saturday night’s qualifying meeting, a lack of track time, although it doesn’t appear to have hampered 19 year old Queenslander Blain, who reached two State championship finals this season, the only rider apart from Treloar (who reached three) to do so.

The results of this season’s State Championships were:
Queensland (Mackay, 15 December) Treloar/Cohrs, Cohen/Sinnott, Christopher/Moon, Blain/Gottardi (ret)
Victorian (Mildura, 26 January) Monson/Morgan, Bradshaw/Behsmann, Byren Gates/Michael O’Loughlin, Neale Hancock/Brodie Gebhart (ret)
South Australian (Gillman, 19 January) M. Plaisted/Gilbert, Treloar/Cohrs, M. Headland/Waters (exc, infield), Justin Plaisted/Sam Harrison (fell, exc)
New South Wales (Tamworth, 16 February) Treloar/Cohrs, Blain/Gottardi, Malcolm German/Stephen Stagg, G. Bond/G. Cox.

See The Riders On Track For Free
Spectators have the chance to see the Championship riders in action free of charge tonight (Thursday) when most will take part in a practice session at Gillman between 6pm and 9pm. The food canteens will not be opened but drinks will be available. Entry will only be through the Eastern (back) gate at the rear of the pits.

Full details of the championship meetings are on the Gillman website under the news story “Gillman Speedway K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship Details” posted on Monday, 18 March.



South Australia’s two seeded riders in action at the last Gillman Speedway meeting on 16 March, Mark Plaisted-Sam Gilbert (red) and Mick Headland-Paul Waters (white). Photo by Judy Mackay.

Sixteen Riders Chase Eight Places At Gillman Saturday Night

24 riders will take to the track at Gillman Speedway this weekend in two nights of world class speedway action to decide the 2013 Australian Sidecar Champion.

There has been one big event after another at Gillman this season, starting with the Blackchrome Sidecar Spectacular back on 10 November, followed by the Gillman Track Championship, South Australian Championship, Gillman Masters and the Ikon Suspension Grand Slam rounds.

All were prestigious events, with plenty of kudos for the winners, but nothing compares to the Australian Championship.

This is the toughest event in World Speedway Sidecar racing and on Saturday night (30 March), sixteen of those riders will take part in the K Trans Qualifying Meeting to determine eight riders to go forward to the Championship decider on Sunday night (31 March).

It sounds relatively easy to score enough points from five rides to finish in the top eight, but tell that to the eight riders who miss out!

And make no mistake, some good riders are going to miss out because these riders are all amongst the best in Australia or they wouldn’t be there.

They won’t necessarily have a bike problem, or even do anything wrong. They might ride their hearts out and have us thinking they deserved to get through, but the simple fact is only eight can make it.

For those that do make the cut, it all starts from scratch again Sunday night, but as recently as 2010 both first and second places in the final went to riders who had come through the qualifying meeting – Jason Aldridge and Rick Howse – so Saturday night’s riders will all know it is possible to come through the qualifying meeting and win the whole shebang.

So who are the favourites to get through?

Well there are three former Australian Champions in the line-up – Mark Mitchell, Mark Drew and Russell Mitchell – and barring mishaps, they will be expected to get through.

Then there are three riders who have been in top form all season, often challenging and beating the very best riders, and they are Wes Jenkins, Jason Hardy and Trent Headland. Again, barring mishaps, they would be expected to qualify. Jenkins, in particular, is a rider who could be a serious threat in the title, but conversely he’s had mechanical issues during his appearances at Gillman this season and he’s going to need a trouble free run if he is to win the title – or even to qualify.

That’s six most Gillman regulars will have pencilled in but after that it gets much harder, in fact too hard, to predict who the other two will be.

James Hinton and Malcolm German are always around the mark in any event they contest, but they may suffer from a lack of track time this season, which could sway things towards Damien Niesche, Rick Stephens, Byren Gates or Clint Mayes, although Mayes may also suffer from a lack of much racing.

Niesche and Stephens have been in career best form so both would be worthy qualifiers, while Gates is capable of anything. He could come out and win the meeting, but could just as well miss the cut!

The two New South Wales teenagers, Hayden Bond and Shane Hudson, could also be in the mix at the end of the night, but once again lack of track time might be a problem, with few meetings held in New South Wales this season, but Mildura’s Neale Hancock and Alice Springs’ Chris Dess might struggle to qualify against this level of opposition.

Full details of the championship meetings are on the Gillman website under the news story “Gillman Speedway K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship Details” posted on Monday, 18 March.


Mark Mitchell-Tom Golding (blue), Jason Hardy-Geoff Langdon (red) and Mark Drew-Steven Blair (white). Photo www.jdmphotos.net


Trent Headland-Jesse Headland (yellow) and Wes Jenkins-Damian Egan. Photo www.jdmphotos.net.au


The new race jackets, manufactured by Blackchrome, which the riders will wear this weekend.

Rider changes for the K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship

Motorcycling Australia has announced some changes to the line-ups for the K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship meetings to be held at Gillman Speedway in Adelaide on 30 & 31 March.

One of the seeded riders, Scott Christopher, has withdrawn because of problems getting his bike running well enough to challenge for the championship, and he has been replaced by Dylan Blain.

Blain got the nod by selectors by virtue of his results in the Queensland and New South Wales Championships. In Queensland he was the third highest point scorer (behind Darrin Treloar and Brodie Cohen), but failed to finish in the final which was won by Treloar ahead of Cohen and Christopher. With Christopher’s withdrawal that makes Blain the next best placed home rider in the Championship, but to further enhance his credentials for a seeded berth he finished second to Treloar in the New South Wales Championship.

Blain’s place in the qualifying meeting has been taken by second reserve Damien Niesche. The first reserve, Clinton Mayes, had earlier gone into the meeting as a replacement for Justin Plaisted, who is under a riding suspension until late April. Plaisted appealed against the length of the suspension, and was selected for the qualifying meeting subject to winning his appeal, but the appeal was heard on Tuesday night and he was not successful.

Full details of the championship meetings are on the Gillman website under the news story “Gillman Speedway K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship Details” posted on Monday, 18 March.

Gillman Speedway K Trans Australian Sidecar Championship Details

Adelaide’s Gillman Speedway stadium is the venue for the 2013 K Trans Australian Speedway Sidecar Championship on the Easter weekend.

The Championship will be staged over two nights, with a qualifying meeting on the Saturday night (30 March) and the Championship Final on the Sunday night (31 March).

24 of Australia’s best riders will take part with 8 seeded into the Sunday night meeting, and the other 16 – including three former Australian Champions, Mark Drew, Mark Mitchell and Russell Mitchell – to contest the qualifying meeting with the highest 8 point scorers progressing to the Sunday night.

There will be more details of the riders on the Gillman Speedway website over the next week or so.

Everything You Need To Know:

Meeting Dates: Saturday night, 30 March 2013 and Sunday night, 31 March 2013.

Venue: Gillman Speedway Stadium, 65 Wilkins Road, Gillman – near the Port Adelaide area.

Gates open: at 2 pm on Saturday, 30 March & 4 pm on Sunday, 31 March.

Racing starts: at 7.30 pm.


Saturday Night (30 March) – K Trans 2013 Australian Sidecar Championship Qualifying Meeting
Riders/Passengers (alphabetical order): Hayden Bond / Brady Cox (NSW), Chris Dess / Kyle Laverty (NT), Mark Drew / Steven Blair (WA/NT), Byren Gates / Michael O’Loughlin (Vic), Malcolm German / Stephen Stagg (Vic), Neale Hancock / Lachlan Greenhalgh (Vic/SA), Jason Hardy / Geoff Langdon (SA), Trent Headland / Jesse Headland (SA), James Hinton / Jack Summerling (NSW), Shane Hudson / Lionel Cornwell (NSW), Wes Jenkins / Damian Egan (Qld/SA), Clint Mayes / Andrew Summerhayes (Vic), Mark Mitchell / Tom Golding (SA), Russell Mitchell / Don Morris (WA/NSW), Damien Niesche / Mitchell Spear (SA), Rick Stephens / Dale Knights (NSW/SA). Reserves, in order of selection, are: Arron Hartwig / Teagan Hartwig (SA), Tim Bichard / TBA (SA), Aaron Silvy / Matthew Barkla (SA)

Format: 16 riders x 20 heats. Highest eight point scorers qualify for the Championship meeting the next night.

Support event: Aircom Systems Junior Sidecar Spectacular
8 heats, a semi-final and a final to be held on the infield junior track while the main track is watered between rounds of the qualifying meeting.
Riders/Passengers (alphabetical order): Tom Adams / Katelyn Silvy (SA), Jackson Barbary / Josh Malic (Vic), Jackson Bond / Liam Cox (NSW), Talysha Dawson / Chealah Dawson (Vic), Bayley Ogilvie / Hannah Ogilvie (Qld), Jack Sylvia / Harry Hearne (Vic).

Sunday Night (31 March) – K Trans 2013 Australian Sidecar Championship
Riders/Passengers (alphabetical order): Dylan Blain / Robert Gottardi (Qld), Grant Bond / Glenn Cox (NSW), Jason Bradshaw / Steve Behsmann (Vic), Brodie Cohen / Josh Sinnott (Qld), Mick Headland / Paul Waters (SA), Warren Monson / Matt Morgan (Vic), Mark Plaisted / Sam Gilbert (SA), Darrin Treloar / Simon Cohrs (NSW) plus highest eight point scorers from Friday night.

Format: 16 riders x 20 heats plus a last chance semi-final and a final. The 4th to 7th highest scorers go into the semi-final; and the winner of the semi-final and the highest three scorers from the 20 heats go into the final.

Support event: Territory Marine Glenn and Nathan O’Brien Junior Sidecar Cup
8 heats, a semi-final and a final to be held on the infield junior track while the main track is watered between rounds of the qualifying meeting.
Riders/Passengers (alphabetical order): Tom Adams / Katelyn Silvy (SA), Jackson Barbary / Josh Malic (Vic), Jackson Bond / Liam Cox (NSW), Talysha Dawson / Chealah Dawson (Vic), Bayley Ogilvie / Hannah Ogilvie (Qld), Jack Sylvia / Harry Hearne (Vic).

Australian Sidecar Championship Sponsor: K Trans
K Trans WA, Australia wide transport services, specialises in the Transportation of Pipes, Transportable Accommodation Units & Concrete Products. Website: www.ktranswa.com.au; email: admin@ktranswa.com.au; phone: (08) 9353 2666.

There will be a major fireworks display just before the final race of the Championship on Sunday, 31 March.

Saturday Night (30 March): Adults $25, Age and Student Concession $20, Children aged 12-15 $5, Under 12 FREE, Family Tickets (2 adults and 4 children) $55, Car Parking free, souvenir programme $5.

Sunday Night (31 March): Adults $30, Age and Student Concession $25, Children aged 12-15 $10, Under 12 FREE, Family Tickets (2 adults and 4 children) $70, Car Parking free, souvenir programme $5.

There will be separate programmes for each night. The programme for the qualifying meeting will include colour photographs of the 16 teams. The programme for the Championship Final meeting will include colour photographs of the eight seeded teams, and a detailed history of the Championship.

Souvenirs: There is a well-stocked souvenir shop including the latest Blackchrome manufactured shirts and jackets. Eftpos available only in the souvenir shop.

The track will be available for practice on Thursday night, 28 March, from 6pm. Free entry for spectators. Cold drinks on sale but no food.

Food and drink: Full bar and catering available. Food includes hot chips, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, Chico Rolls, dim sims, hot dogs, sandwiches, doughnuts, coffee, cold drinks, sweets. Please note a condition of our liquor licence is no byo alcohol or glass can be brought into the venue. Also note no pets, other than guide dogs, are allowed into the venue.

Seating: There are large grassed viewing mounds and terracing but no grandstand seating, so bring deck chairs or blankets if you do not want to sit on the grass.

Weather Forecast: As at 26 March – Maximum 25, minimum 15, possible morning shower which will help make the track perfect!

The best way to get to Gillman Speedway is off Hanson Road. If you are coming from the eastern and southern suburbs, get on to Hanson road off Torrens Road or Grand Junction Road, travel north on Hanson road over the train line then take the first road on the left, which is Wilkins road.

From the northern suburbs, travel down the new Port Adelaide expressway and take the Hanson Road exit. Once on Hanson Road, take the first exit on your right, this is Wilkins road.

From the western suburbs, Wilkins Road is the continuation of Bedford Street, north of Eastern Parade.

For interstate visitors flying into Adelaide and getting a hire car, Gillman is about 30 minutes’ drive from the airport. The easiest and most direct way, if not going to your accommodation first is: On leaving the airport, turn left onto Sir Donald Bradman Drive. Continue along Sir Donald Bradman Drive until you reach the end of the airports grounds and turn right onto Tapleys Hill Road. Just keep going on Tapleys Hill Road until you can’t go any further. That’s Port Road. Turn left onto Port Road. You can only turn left, you can’t go straight ahead or turn right, so pretty easy to this point. Continue down Port Road for about 1 km to the first intersection which is Grand Junction road and turn right. You only go 700 metres along Grand Junction Road over a bridge over a railway line. Stay in the left lane because at the bottom of the bridge you turn left into Gray Terrace. Go to the end of Gray Terrace and turn right (you can’t go straight ahead) onto Bedford Street. Just keep going on that Road until you get to the speedway. About 2 kms. The whole trip is about 20kms, and half-an-hour depending on traffic lights. Once you are on Tapleys Hill Road you can’t really go wrong. You only have to make three or four turns and most of those are simple.

There is plenty of accommodation in Adelaide and suburbs, within 20-30 minutes of the Speedway, ranging from five star hotels to caravan parks and backpacker hostels. The Pavlos Motel on Main North Road, Pooraka offers a discount to speedway fans but you must ring the motel direct and ask for the Gillman Speedway discount. Full details are on the Gillman website under the accommodation tab.

Contact for this meeting: Speedway Manager, David Parker 0403 364 658

Plaisted/Gilbert Win Wild Sidecar Grand Slam At Gillman

Mark Plaisted and Sam Gilbert won Round 5 of the Ikon Suspension Sidecar Grand Slam after a drawn out final which was rerun twice at Gillman Speedway last night (16 March).

Darrin Treloar/Simon Cohrs finished second and Warren Monson/Matt Morgan with Mick Headland/Paul Waters excluded.

Only six points now separate the top three teams going into the last round at Kurri Kurri on 6 April. Monson/Morgan lead with 76, followed by Treloar/Cohrs on 72 and Mark Plaisted/Gilbert on 70.

More details to follow.

Full heat results are on the Gillman Speedway website under Results Tab.

Exciting heat race action from the camera of Judy Mackay. Mark Plaisted/Sam Gilbert (yellow) giving it everything to chase down Mick Headland-Paul Waters in heat 17. Headland went on to win while Plaisted finished third behind Trent Headland-Jesse Headland (blue), riding Mick’s #2 bike. It was Plaisted’s only loss on the night.

Adelaide girl sets her sights on the Galaxy!

Adelaide model Colleen Boyle, who added a bit of glamour to Gillman Speedway with her fund-raising appearances earlier in the season, will be back at Gillman this Saturday night.
Since she was last here she has gone onto bigger and better things in her modelling career and is one of South Australia’s four representatives in the Miss Galaxy Australia contest in Sydney later this month.

So what’s Colleen’s tie-in with Speedway? Well, she is the daughter of former Solo rider Danny Boyle.

“Yes, my father was a rider at Rowley Park, as were some of my uncles, Tony, Martin and Kieran” Colleen explained. “But even before that my grandparents (Mick and Mary) use to go to the speedway as far back as the 1940s, so I’ve always been aware of the speedway and what a family orientated sport it is. I know friends of my Dad have been going for 50 or 60 years and still love the racing, and at the other end of the family tree they now take their grandchildren, some as young as 3 or 4, and they love the colour and the atmosphere, and being able to go into the pits and maybe sit of their hero’s bike.

“So I thought Speedway would be an ideal fit for my fund-raising for Make-A-Wish Australia, which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, and it has turned out very well. The Speedway people were very supportive and I sold a lot of my calendars at the Solo Championship meetings.”

The prestigious Miss Galaxy Beauty Pageant is one which focuses not only on outer beauty; the contestants are encouraged to fundraise for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Raising Money for the children’s charity has become much more important to me then winning the pageant” says Colleen.

She is still seeking donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and you can donate to her cause at – give.everydayhero.com/au/colleen-boyle

Ikon Suspension Sidecar Grand Slam On Television Tonight

Speedway fans can warm up — if that’s the right phrase to use during the heat wave we have been having — for this Saturday night’s Ikon Suspension Sidecar Grand Slam meeting at Gillman Speedway, by watching the previous round, also staged at the Gillman Speedway Stadium in Adelaide, on the Speed Channel (Foxtel & Austar) tonight (13 March) at 8.30pm EDT.

The one hour highlights show, will be screened on the top rating Chequered Flag program, Australia’s only weekly speedway television show.

The 60 minute program will feature extended coverage of the best races held on the night, plus a highlights package providing an overview of all races conducted. In addition there will be interviews with many of the top riders and passengers from the Grand Slam tournament, and a feature story on the history of Gillman Speedway Stadium.